The basics about battery safety

July 10, 2018 3 min read

battery safety

The basics about battery safety


Batteries used in Vaping devices are far more powerful than your everyday battery commonly used in house hold appliances like TV remotes which generally take your AA batteries. Therefore, need to be treated with care and general maintenance and up keep is paramount to ensure your safety. This is a general guide on for battery safety and the things you should look out for and the things you should do to prevent anything from going wrong.


Battery Wraps


 vape battery wraps


When using any vape battery in your devices, be it an 18650, 20700 or 21700always make sure that your batteries are in pristine condition. If you notice any nick or tear in the battery wrap, the safe thing to do is re-wrap your battery with a battery wrap. These are cheap and even if they weren’t the benefits and safety of having a re-wrapped battery should be your main concern for safety. Batteries that have any nicks and tears should not be used as they can short and cause a battery to vent which leads to them exploding, and as previously mentioned these batteries are powerful and can cause serious injury or harm if they do.


Battery cases

 vape battery case

Vape batteries should never be thrown in loosely to any pockets or bags. If you need to take your spare batteries with you, invest in a plastic battery case.The reason being that if your unprotected batteries should come in contact with other metal objects such as coins or keys the batteries will short circuit which may cause the battery to vent and potentially explode.




NEVER  leave your batteries charging unattended! Do not charge your batteries overnight unattended. Always keep an eye on your batteries when they are charging, even though it may be rare, electronic devices do fail. Choose a decent charger  when choosing one and remember safety first over how much the cost is. Once the batteries are charged, remember to always place them in a plastic battery container.


Over Draining your Batteries


To prolong the life of your batteries, never allow your batteries to completely discharge, lithium batteries tend to loose more capacity the the further you let them discharge. Why you ask? Doing this will extend the life of your batteries meaning the amount of cycles you are able to get out of them.


Married batteries

 married vape batteries

These days most devices can take two or more batteries, it is advisable that you always use the exact same batteries, for example if you have a device that takes 2 x Samsung 30Q batteries always keep them married from day one, this is a safe practice. The reason behind pairing and keeping the batteries married is that this will ensure that they charge and discharge at the same rate and help with having battery imbalances (one discharging quicker than the other, and the voltage output may be different which will damage your batteries.


Battery Temperature


Keeping your batteries at cool temperatures is what you are wanting to do. Make sure you store your batteries in a cool place, never in direct sunlight and NEVER leave them in your car, nor should you ever leave your Mod in your car with batteries as the internal temperature of a car exceeds that of the outside temperature. High temperatures cause strain on your batteries and worse case could cause batteries to fail or even venting.


Key points to battery safety


  • Pay close attention to amp limits and never exceed them
  • Don’t overcharge
  • Don’t over discharge
  • Always buy authentic
  • Don’t charge your batteries in a series device
  • Invest in a quality external charger
  • Never leave your batteries out in the cold (or the heat)
  • Don’t put batteries in your pocket
  • Invest in a battery case for safe transport

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