Ijoy RDTA mini Box Review

June 16, 2017 3 min read

If you liked the IJoy RDTA Box, than your going to probably love the new addition to Ijoy's range, which has introduced the new Ijoy RDTA Mini Box Mod. Unlike its predecessor which you either loved or hated, size being one of those factors, than this new small but yet punchy unit might just be for you.  

ijoy rdta mini kitCracked open this bad boy over two weeks ago and have been giving it a full run as my daily mod. Having used the Ijoy RDTA box, I was expecting the mini to be smaller in size. Obviously as the name depicts, but upon opening the box, the Ijoy mini was tiny in comparison to its big brother, but don't let size fool you. Yes there are differences such as the E-liquid capacity and the wattage, but taking in the design factor this is probably to be expected.

ijoy mini rdta size
yellow ijoy rdta mini

The Ijoy RDTA mini is 35mm smaller in height in comparison and this includes the RDTA, 10mm smaller in width and only 3mm smaller in thickness. Making it a compact unit that fits nicely in the hand. Even with its small stature it still offers a 6mm E-liquid holding tank, which is built into the Mod. Ijoy have raised the top fill lip, which for me reduces the chances of juice leaking when filling the the tank. Another addition is the removable tank which allows for easy cleaning. 

ijoy miniSimply unscrew the four top screws and remove the plastic insert and seal, remove reservoir and clean. Be sure to take special attention to how you place the seal back when putting it together as the two ends are slightly different widths, place plastic insert back and screw together in a cross pattern to ensure you get a true seal.



Other features making a return is the OLED screen with its onscreen interface a breeze to use, displaying Ohm Reading, Watts, Voltage, and for those of you that like a puff counter, that's there as well. As with most Mods these days simply 5 clicks to turn on and off, 3 clicks to enter the menu screen, press right or left on the +/- buttons to reach desired setting and fire button once to confirm.

Features: The Ijoy Mini has an output of 100W, temperature control ranging from 200-600 Fahrenheit, from NI,TI and SS and also TCR settings. Another feature is the LED light which allows you to view how much Liquid is left in the tank. This feature needs to be turned on and does not come already activated. it's as simple as 3 clicks into the menu section scroll +/- to get to SET at bottom of screen, hit fire button once, click +/- to switch to on and press fire button. This will activate the LED, to switch off follow same process as above. This is a nice feature however, I found that having the LED turning on and off every time you hit the fire button to vape had to be reducing my battery life.

Another great addition is the versatility to use any tank on the Mod, simply unscrew the pre-installed RBM-C2 coil head, (also comes with a velocity style deck) and all my tanks with a 510 thread fit perfectly. Personally with most pre-built rebuildable coils that come with mods, i am never a huge fan, they always need some form of tweaking to get them to where you want, other than that this little unit is ready to go the minute you take it out of the box. (I would charge it first though), prime, fill and away you go.

If you are a solid vaper like me than perhaps the battery life isn't going to go the distance, and it being a USB charge unit, which does charge quicker than most other units i have, might not be your thing.  However i tend to carry a backup setup for this exact reason. The 2600 mAh battery performance might be on the small size for some, but if you overlook that, this unit is flawless, with its easy to use functions, sleek appearance, versatility to go from a RDTA, RDA, RTA or any of your 510 threaded tanks its surely a winner.