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Mega Advocacy Vape Raffle - $26,000 worth of Prizes

August 09, 2018

vape advocacy


If you vape and live in Australia, you need to get on this!

---------------------------------- is a collaboration of a huge amount of vape vendors from around Australia along with some youtube reviewers. All of these people have aligned to help try and help support the one active non for profit organisation that can help our industry the most, ATHRA.

If you're not aware of ATHRA, it's a registered Australian vape charity chaired by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn which has been actively lobbying the government to reschedule liquid nicotine and introduce sensible, proportional federal regulations.

Because their membership is made up of doctors, GPS, tobacco harm reduction experts, and other medical professionals, they speak with an authority that we as vendors can never have, so it's extremely important that they have enough funding to reach the politicians who are still sceptical about the scientific evidence.

To assist with the fundraising, is hosting a raffle, giving you, the vaper, an opportunity to win something awesome from a prize pool of over $26,000 - Australia's biggest vaping raffle to date.

Entering is easy, follow the link and follow the instructions. All payments are to be made via direct deposit only, unfortunately with the huge amount of vendors involved, offering PayPal was not going to be an option. You can also check with your local B&M store and purchase tickets through them.

Tickets can be purchased up til 6pm on Wednesday 5th September, with the draw happening at 1pm (SA time) on the 8th September.

Please remember that are doing this in support of ATHRA, and ATHRA are supporting you, and your right to vape. Your contribution to this cause is very much appreciated and will only help ATHRA in their ongoing efforts.