March 22, 2018 3 min read

So how do you go about choosing a Flavour that’s right for your taste buds? Well it all comes down to personal taste and preferences. With such a wide variety of E-juice flavours to choose from the task can sometimes be daunting for some, what one person might like may not be what another likes. It’s a question we are often asked, what’s the best Flavour?

 Flavoured Ejuices

Ejuice Flavours are endless, you have tobacco, fruit, candy, savoury, sweet, sour, soda, desert flavours and the list goes on. These can then all be combined to give you a blended juice for example Tobacco butterscotch, Strawberry Jam Donut, Milk Cereal, chocolate Milkshake and the list goes on. So where do you start?

 Tobacco Flavoured Ejuices smok and barrel American ejuice

Making the switch from smoking cigarettes to Vaping? Most people that are making that change often want a Tobacco flavour, it’s a great way to start as you still have that enjoyment of having a cigarette, which can be emulated by a tobacco flavoured ejuice which will curb your craving for a cigarette. There are a variety of tobacco flavours ranging from smooth to deep oaky tobaccos. After having vaped tobacco flavours for a while, most vapers then begin the transition away from them as they want to explore different combinations. For example Brewell Butterscotch or Emericano a tobacco blended with a rich espresso. And so begins your quest to find that one or two flavours you will love!

bottle of tnt ice ejuiceMint/Menthol Flavoured Ejuices

If you are someone that loves a cool refreshing taste, then you may lean towards menthols to give you that blast you are looking for…. Many flavours are blended with mint or menthol to give you that refreshing exhale such as Time Bomb TNT Ice a fresh strawberry, peach and apple flavour that has a slight hint of menthol.

 Desert Flavoured Ejuicesbottle of churrios ejuice

Bit of a sweet tooth? Then the flavours are endless, chocolates, cakes, lollies, deserts all the yumminess you could ever want. The flavour profiles in this range of ejuice are enormous and sometimes you have to try several before you find the one! What is most commonly called your “All day Vape”

bottle of humble ejuiceFruit Flavoured Ejuices

Fruit Lovers! These flavours are popular as most are a single flavour and simple to choose. If you love the taste of strawberries, apple, peach, pineapples, blueberries. Then usually going for a flavour you enjoy the taste of in a natural fruit is the best way to go, and most often it’s a flavour you are going to like. Want more than one fruit flavour? Then you can have your choice of blended fruit ejuices for example Donkey Khan a strawberry banana with a splash of dragon fruit.

 Drink Flavoured Ejuicesbarista brew ejuice

Perhaps you have a favourite drink, then there are drink flavours from far and wide to suit anyone’s personal taste, ranging from coffees, fizzy drinks, alcoholic flavours (without the alcohol) so you can enjoy them all day long, to an energy drink buff, perhaps you just want a refreshing orange juice or lemonade. The choices are there when it comes to vaping.


Now with all of the above said, there are many makers and labels of ejuices and not all of them taste as they are described or perhaps they do, but peoples taste receptors can be different from me to you, you to your friends and so on, Hence the need to experiment and sample different brands.

 So to answer the question what’s your flavour? The answer lies in you, we as vendors are always happy to recommend a flavour if you ask for something specific, lets say a strawberry flavour, however the ejuice I suggest might be absolutely awesome for me but might not be your thing. So scroll through our Ejuice collection and try different ejuices and we will guarantee that you will find flavours you will love.