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Kanthal wire :

Fantastic wire for the new comers to coil building. It is easy to work with and non forgiving. Flavor wise it gives you the base line to your e-liquids

Nichrome wire:

Nichrome wire is a step up from Kanthal with a quicker heating time and enhancement in the flavor of your vape. Nichrome is a softer and more workable wire but should be handled by builders with a good understanding of coil building

Nickel wire:

Nickle heats up even quicker than Nichrome. It being so soft has its pros and cons. It has a very low resistance and is susceptible to melting when firing at high wattage. Best used in combination with the above two wires. Temp controlled wire

Titanium wire:

Advanced wire used on temp controlled mods. heats up like a dream and also cools fast. Brings out more flavor in your e-liquids

Stainless Steel wire:

This wire is long lasting, durable and a dream to work with. Improved flavor.