Coilart Mage RTA Rebuildable Tank (silver)


The Mage RTA by CoilArt is a 24mm RTA rebuildable tank that combines a incredibly compact body while retaining an impressive 3.5mL capacity for its tiny size. The CoilArt Mage RTA is a high performance RTA with a convenient top fill system and has a velocity styled build deck to maximize its versatility. The Mage stands in at only 31mm tall and features a freely rotating design that makes assembling and disassembling of the RTA easier than similar platforms on the current market which utilizes notches cutout in both the chimney and base to ensure proper attachments.

The build deck of the Mage RTA features a two post, velocity styled build deck with 2mm diameter post holes to accommodate larger gauge wires. Airflow on the Mage is supplied by 4x 1mm airflow inlets located at the base of the RTA which are funneled into two 4mm diameter airholes located inside the building chamber. The CoilArt Mage RTA is constructed out of high quality glass and 304 stainless steel to ensure a high performance platform.







MAGE Product Description:

  • 24mm diameter
  • High quality glass and 304 stainless steel construction to ensure high quality performance and durability
  • Stands in at only 31mm tall while having a capacity of 3.5mL
  • Threaded top fill system
  • Velocity styled post build deck with 2mm post holes to accommodate a vast array of builds and dual 4mm diameter airflow holes located inside the building chamber
  • 24K gold plated contact for maximized conductivity
  • PEEK insulators with high heat resistance
  • Freely rotating deck with cutouts that can lock the chimney base into place
  • 4x 9mm x 1mm adjustable airflow inlets located at the base of the RTA which feed directly into the 4mm airflow holes located in the build deck
  • Sloped Delrin drip tip to minimize any heat transfer to mouth

MAGE Package Contents:

  • 1x CoilArt Mage RTA
  • 1x Spare o-ring pack (with 4 color options: white, red, blue, and yellow)
  • 1x Allen key

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