Horizon Tech

Horizon Arco II T6 Coil

Horizon Arco II T6 Coil head

Is the first of its kind. The coil head is filled with flax paper and cotton. The flax paper is made out of natural flax fibres and can hold more e-liquid than cotton. This means your coil gets plenty of liquid and can optimize your flavour. The fibre stretches with liquid the more you use it, so the flavour gets better over time. The flax paper has a higher burning point when wet which helps prevent dry hits. This is the Horizon T6 coil for Arco II tank!

Coil is a 0.2ohm

wattage 80-90W


horizan t6 coil

Replacement coil for:

Package Includes:

  • 3pcs HorizonTech Arco Coil T6