LMC Limitless Magnetic Plates

LMC Limitless magnetic new bold style plates with a brand new look that echo's other products already produced by this brand. You can change the entire look of your box mod by getting one of the different design plates that are available, and there will be many more to come. One plate serves as your battery access plate, while the opposite plate is strictly for changing the look of your entire box mod.

 Make that great mod you already own a new mod buy simply changing the plates!!


All American patriot will appreciate this plate. The representation of the Star-Spangled Banner with a vintage red, white and blue with its symbolic LMC logo.

American LMC Australia


Just as the name suggested, this is an irregular pattern lends a dynamic, vivid and burst of loud color.

LMC Colourburst Australia


A dense, streaky, light brown-colored wood has been a woodworkers' favorite for centuries. This Woodburn pattern with its rich, earthy tones looks exceptionally cool against the other matte glossy design – This is definitely the more "powerful" looking version of the four.

LMC woodburn australia


This is what I call "extra flavor," and part of why the Limitless brand is special and unique. Pair this with the box’s rock-solid construction and specs, you've got yourself an outstanding performing and visually appealing Mod. No matter which plate you choose

LMC Metal scratch Australia